This post was inspired from Phoenix Hou's video with a similar title and gratitude to the friend who sent me the video. Also, this as a humble tribute to the late Moses McCormick (laoshu505000) who passed away on March 4, 2021; his wonderful YouTube channel gave us inspiration in speaking various languages and breaking cultural barriers making foreigners feel at home.

I hated learning languages. Though, I lived in a multi-lingual country on the cross roads of multiple cultures. I, alongside many others living in my city, were exposed to countless languages and understood at least 3 growing up. But…

As designers, we understand the significant importance of symbols, both in our work and its psychological effect when used to represent something. The easier and clearer the symbols are, the stronger and faster they are intuitively understood. There are whole books written about the creation, usage and power of those symbols that can be created from simple lines or geometric shapes, however, this study was to understand the origin of symbolism behind the 3 Abrahamic religions (Islam, Christianity, Judaism). To truly understand what a symbol represents to each.

It never occurred to me otherwise, but growing up as Muslims we…

This is an Arabic summary of Speculative Everything: Design, Fiction, and Social Dreaming Book by Anthony Dunne and Fiona Raby; my full critical research paper can be found here.

Speculative Everything: Design, Fiction, and Social Dreaming (2013) by Anthony Dunne and Fiona Raby

ما هو تصميم التخميني؟

هي حركة تصميمية إستخدمه أنثوني دونه و فيونا رابي أول مرة في منتصف التسعينات لإنتقاد الفكرة الشائعة بأن التكنولوجيا هي حل لكل مشاكل العالم بدون ناتج سلبي. فالتصميم بشكل عام يحتاج الى مواصفات لمعرفة إذا كان التصميم نفسه جيدا أم لا، عكس العمارة والفن اللذي ينتقده و يقرر أهميته الرأي العام. مصطلح التصميم التخميني في حد ذاته يجعله مقبولا أكثر للإشعار و النقاش عنه من قبل المصممين…

Üzgün ​​müsün?

Are you sad? I was asked by an old taxi driver that night, as I took the last taxi to the airport. It was the 19th of January 2020. The day I was supposed to fly home for a short winter break, before the world fell apart. It was the day I took my last flight and my last journey, after travelling the world for 9 years.

Over the span of those nine years, I’ve lived in 10 cities in 6 countries, and setting foot on a dozen more. …

This is a short introduction into Exhibition Design. Taken from my own understanding and notes from the first two chapters of Exhibition Design: An Introduction Book by Philip Hughes (2015). The summary of further chapters might follow in later writings.

During one of my last Masters virtual classes, my professor highlighted a new insight into virtual meetings: there is a new trend of people trying to dissect what others are trying to represent from their bookshelf content shown behind their backs during virtual meetings (article).

Although some explanations are sarcastic

With people working from home, part of their outer personality…

Nearly everything I owned after being left homeless in Dubai

It was around July 2018 when my housing problems in Dubai started, I was kicked out of my house. The house was being literally torn apart while my stuff was still inside, and we, the renters of the house, were tossed on to the street. The homeowner, the main cause of this problem, was nowhere to be found. We lost our deposit, our rooms, and any place to sleep. Given barely a few hours to pack.

It took me around 3 trips by my car to take everything to my temporary hotel room, which was later shutdown, I then booked…

December 28, Bursa.

Tried to take a picture of myself skiing for the first time, but I literally couldn’t. It wasn’t the cold, it was the falls. I was broken, aching and too tired to keep standing up again and again to catch up to my friends.

It didn’t bother me that I couldn’t reach down hill. Nor did it bother me I was struggling and alone. Laying down was when I felt the cold tiny snow crisps kissing my cheeks.

Laying down was when I can look upwards; and notice how the snow was weighing down the leaves, yet…

8 months ago, during my Graduation Jury on the work I spent night and day working on mercilessly for a whole year; the Jurors’ disliked my idea, my design, my work. Even though I defended it good, it was the hardest Jury I ever had. They respected it, but believed it didn’t work. I believed in it, I knew and researched every minute detail and answered all the question, but the “experts” didn’t.
It was too complicated..
It had lots of technology..
Make it a motorbike..
Why is it a “Mercedes”..
The drone won’t work..

Project Hero

Now, LandRover & the Austrian…

Ibrahim Al Balushi

Industrial & Exhibition Designer. Ex-Traveler. Interest in languages, museums, cultural appropriation mental clarity and chai

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