500-day streak in Duolingo: Is it useful?

Does Duolingo help in learning a language?

How useful I found Duolingo in learning new languages
  • Learning a language while actively taking lessons/exposure in: This is where I find Duolingo shines the best, being able to practice and learn the language with full immersion makes the app useful.
  • Learning a language that is in a similar group to a langauge you already know (eg. 🇮🇹 speaker learning 🇪🇸): Duolingo makes it easy to understand and pick up similar cues and comparison between the languages.
  • Learning a new language writing system: In languages with new writing system, Duolingo does a very good job of repeating the lessons and making you hand draw the letters step by step until memorisation without real studying (At least in my experience in Hebrew).
  • Revising a language you already know: Useful in remembering vocabulary, and to remember any short comings in grammer.
  • Learning a language in a new language group (eg. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 speaker learning 🇹🇷): After the initial introductory first lessons, the language quickly becomes very difficult to understand grammer-wise.




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Ibrahim Al Balushi

Ibrahim Al Balushi

Industrial & Exhibition Designer. Ex-Traveler. Interested in Islamic aesthetics, languages, museums, culture, mental clarity and chai